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Councilman Released From Custody, But Suspicions of Kidnapping Remain

The Stockholm-based politician suspected of planning to kidnap the daughter of a Syrian diplomat has been released from custody, news agency TT writes. But the 53-year-old Syrian-born councilman is still suspected of preparing the kidnapping, the prosecution emphasized.

The alleged plot to abduct the girl came to light after the Swedish Security Service tapped the man’s phone while looking for evidence of espionage. According to police, the politician and the Syrian diplomat discussed the prospect of taking the 18-year-old girl to back to Syria because of a relationship she was having with a schoolmate.

The Stockholm councilman denies that he had plans to abduct the girl, however. He says that he merely mediated between the two family members during the feud.

Police reports hold that the diplomat assaulted his daughter after forcing her to stay at home and telling her that the relationship was a deadly sin.

After the situation became known, the diplomat father was immediately deported from Sweden and his daughter given police protection.