Foto: Carina Lindskog/SR Väst

Military Calls For "No Wind Farm Zone"

The Swedish military has come under fire for wanting to stop wind farms being built within a 40km radius of military bases.

With the demand for wind power growing, the military changed its mind last week, saying that fighter jets' radar might lock on to the windmills rather than other aircraft, and that it would now recommend that a "no-wind farm" zone should be set up around Swedish airfields. Those that have already been built within the zones, should be allowed to stay however.

Gunnar Fredriksson, vice CEO of the industry organisation Swedish Wind Energy, says the military are being inconsistent. "They have had plenty of time to say no to the wind farms, and then they say no right at the very end of the process", he told Swedish Radio News. "If a wind farm is dangerous, it should be removed. A new one being built can't be more dangerous than the one that's already there."

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