Sharp Rise in Drowning Accidents

The recent heat wave has led to an unusually high number of drownings, according to the Swedish Life Saving Society.

In just over two weeks, 17 people have drowned, which is almost the same number as during the entire month of July last year.

“It’s very worrying that we’ve seen so many deaths. We’re just halfway through July,” said Karin Brand, general secretary of the Swedish Life Saving Society.

“What is even sadder is that all of these accidents could have been prevented.”

Alcohol consumption and lone swimming are common in drowning incidents in Sweden, which claims a hundred lives per year on average.

Another cause, says Karin Brand, is people's tendency to overestimate their swimming abilities. In a number of incidents the victims were swimming in deep water rather than near the shore.

"It's not like cycling, where you have dry land under foot if something unexpected happens."