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New Medical Centres Open Across Southern Sweden

244 new doctor's surgeries have opened in Sweden since rules were relaxed earlier this year allowing privately-run clinics to open all over the country. Many of them, although privately-owned, work within the national health system.

111 of those clinics have opened in the larger towns and cities, according to news agency TT, but only 2 have opened in the sparsely populated north of the country.

Hans Dahlgren, from the The Association of Private Care Providers says the lack of new clinics in the north is due to local authorities there being negative to the new rules. Many local authorities in the north are run by Social Democrat politicians, and the Social Democrats have said they will scrap the new rules if they win the next election. Party leader Mona Sahlin has said that the needs of the patient should be paramount when deciding where new clinics should be opened, not where private clinics think they can make the most money.

However, according to Hans Dahlgren, new clinics have opened in areas which previously haven't had any medical centres, and poorer areas which have had trouble recruiting doctors in the past, including northeastern Gothenburg.