Hospital Staff Under Internet Pressure

Workers at the Astrid Lindgren children's hospital say that they are under pressure, and that they are scared - because of pictures taken by parents and then published on the Internet.

News agency TT reports that an inspection at the children's hospital - which cares for many seriously ill children - revealed this new problem.

Torben Vincentsen, of the Work Environment Authority, says that he was given details by hospital personnel - that parents of sick children often try to control and oversee their child's treatment by taking pictures of hospital equipment, and that hospital staff often end up in these pictures, and can be mentioned by name when the pictures are published on the Internet.

This leads to pressure, he says: "They don't dare say anything if they make a mistake, not even to management. I think it is terrible, although it is also clear that this is a frightful situation for the parents."

The Work Environment Authority now says that the hospital's management must look into the situation in the intensive ward.