Teacher Training Reforms Criticized

Swedish universities and colleges are criticizing new reforms of the country's teacher education system for happening too quickly.

A new curriculum is being developed and is expected to be ready in the fall, but the heads of the teacher training programs say that the whole thing is happening too quickly and that they don't have time to prepare.

Swedish Radio news reports that the idea behind the new program is to raise teacher competence and prepare them to be more specialized. Colleges and universities must submit their training programs for a quality check, even if they already train teachers.

The vice rector of Stockholm University, Anders Gustavsson, had barely a month to prepare his school's application and fears that they might not be able to pass the strict quality review in the short amount of time.

Peter Honeth, who works under the Swedish minister of higher education and research, said the government does not want to wait.

"The reason is naturally that teacher training is very important. And therefore, it is naturally urgent that it be ready for the next school year in 2011," he told Swedish Radio news.

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