Swedish PM and Opposition Leader Talk

Swedish Prime Minister and Conservative Moderate Party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt has had post-election talks by telephone with opposition Social Democratic Party leader Mona Sahlin over future work in the Swedish parliament between the ruling center-right Alliance and the opposition.

Although Reinfeldt has confirmed his decision to lead a minority government since neither side won a majority, Sahlin has re-emphasized that she thinks Sweden should have a majority government.

She adds that even though her new coalition with the opposition Green Party and the Left Party failed to gain power, she approves the new agreement between the Greens and the center-right Alliance to co-operate on immigration and refugee questions - and that she expects Reinfeldt to work out forms for this co-operation over block lines.

This would ensure that the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats who won parliamentary seats for the first time would not be able to make demands for a tougher anti-immigrant and anti- refugee policy.