Searching for victims of war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Foto:Sulejman Omerbasic/Scanpix.
Human Rights

Swede is Prosecuted for War Crimes

A 43-year-old Swede is being prosecuted for war crimes. The man is accused of having tortured Bosnian Serbs detained at a prison camp in Bosnia in the mid-90s.

News agency TT reports that the man has roots in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but came to Sweden in 2001 and later became a citizen of this country.

The man is suspected of abusing civilians while serving as a guard at the Bosnian Croation militia in the prison camp Dretelj in 1992. Swedish Radio news reports that he is accused of breaching the Geneva convention, by subjecting prisoners of war to violence, sexual assault, and threats.

The suspect was arrested in January. Sweden's national criminal investigation department's war crimes commission has worked with the case since 2008, in cooperation with the United Nation's war crimes tribunal in the Hague, and this is the first case so far that the Swedish commission has been brought to prosecution.

The trial will take place in a Stockholm district court in October.

This is the second time that a Swede will have been prosecuted for war crimes. The first was Jackie Arklöv, convicted of war crimes against Bosnian Muslims, while serving as a mercenary for a Croatian militia around the same period.

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