European Union

Volvo CEO attacks EU restrictions

The new CEO of Volvo Trucks Leif Johansson has attacked the European Union’s plans to further restrict the allowed levels of for carbon dioxide emissions for large vehicles.

In an interview with news agency Reuters he accuses the planned restrictions as being unrealistic and poorly designed.

The restrictions currently being debated in the EU would mean that smaller trucks will only be allowed to emit 175 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre and if they are adopted they will start to be applied after six years.

But Johansson, together with colleagues from competitors such as Iveco and Daf, fear that this will be applied even on larger trucks, which they say is impossible.

Johansson argues that further restrictions could lead to fewer trucks on the roads to cover for the heavier vehicles which in turn would lead to more crowded road and eventually to an increase in emissions from the transport industry.