Minister of Education Jan Björklund presented the new national curriculum on Monday which includes a new grading system.

Minister present new curriculum

A new grading system and clearer goals is the purpose of the new national curriculum according to Minister of Education Jan Björklund, who presented the plan on Monday.

The curriculum has new goals for grades three, six and nine which will help the teachers to know exactly what they should teach the children. Third graders, for example, will have to meet certain requirements in Swedish and math as well as natural and social sciences.

From ninth grade the old grading system going from A to F will be reintroduced and the government is debating on whether to grade students from sixths grade as well.

But even before the new curriculum was presented it had been criticised after the government rejected recommendations from the Board on Education. The board had suggested that religious studies should be divided into five equal parts, one part covering each of the world’s five larges religions.

In the new curriculum Christianity will retain its special status and Björklund, leader of the Swedish Liberal Party, said it is because Christianity has had more impact on Swedish society and culture compared to the other religions.

"Christianity is a part of our cultural heritage," Björklund told Swedish Radio news on Sunday.

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