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Organ donor queues growing

The number of Swedes waiting for organ transplants is steadily growing, according to new figures. 750 are now waiting for donated organs that could potentially be life-saving.

But despite the fact that eight out of ten Swedes say they are in favour of organ donation, less than half actually sign themselves up on the Organ Donation Register. Many simply don't get around to it.

This can mean difficult questions for doctors and next of kin if a tragic accident happens. To get more people to sign up, the Swedish Council for Organ and Tissue Donation has named this Organ Donation week, and has started a range of activities to promote their cause.

Charlotte Möller is in charge of organ donor and transplant issues at the National Board of Health and Welfare. She tells Radio Sweden that our society's disinclination to discuss death is one of the reasons why people don't sign up. It's just not something people like to think about.

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