Stockholm appeal for threatened tigers

At a Stockholm press conference, members of the Swedish branch of the world-wide fund for nature and visiting Russian and other leaders of the international organization have issued a warning that the world's tigers could be extinct in the next dozen years.

This is blamed on poaching for the highly-valuable tiger skins and bones - and the diminishing jungle habitants.

In the last century, 97 percent of the tigers have disappeared - with the numbers dropping to only 3,000 animals.

Both Swedes and visiting experts say the last chance could be at an international conference on tigers to be held in St. Petersburg next month for those 13 nations where the big, striped cat still roams in the wild.

Hopes are that local inhabitants can be convinced that the living tiger can be more valuable for eco-tourism than dead tigers turned into skins and the exotic tiger-bone wine –  chiefly for the Chinese market.

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