thai berry pickers

Where's the money?

The company owner accused of failing to pay berry pickers and then absconding with the company’s money has been in contact with the press.

After two months of hard work in the Swedish forests, the 160 Thais received less than 900 dollars each in pay. The rest of their wages disappeared when the head of the Lomsjö company emptied the company's bank accounts and vanished.

Now the newspaper Västerbottens Folkblad says he has telephoned them to protest his innocence. He says that before he left the country for an undisclosed location he put the US$ 200,000 he had removed from the bank account into the company safe. If it isn’t in the safe he says, someone else must have taken it.

The company’s interpreter has another take. If the boss is innocent, he tells the newspaper, why doesn’t he come home to sort things out?