Bringing youth together with sport

4:48 min

This school holiday used to be timed so that children could get back to the farm and help with the potato harvest. But nowadays it's more about things like sports activities.

In the city of Nörrsköping the project Sport Without Borders - idrott utan gränser - is an integration project, trying to bring children together across cultures.

Admir Lukacevic is, the founder and project leader of Sport Without Borders. He started off in Landskrona, in southern Sweden, where he decided to use sport to bridge social divides.

"At first some of the children are a bit uncertain about the other,s they're not from the same background or share the same values, but after they get the ball, it's all forgotten."

His project is funded by the municipality of Norrköping, and the activities - which range from basketball to Brazillian capoeira - are free.

"Not all children live in a world where their parents can send them to summer camp," he says.