Green co-spokespersons Maria Wetterstand and Peter Eriksson

Greens Hold Pre-Election Conference

With elections coming here in September, the Swedish Green Party is holding its party conference.

The campaign platform contains 34 points, but party co-spokesperson Peter Eriksson says there are three priorities:

  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions, including a major effort for wind power
  • Higher pay for women in the public sector
  • Creating 40,000 jobs in schools, healthcare, and culture

The Greens and Left party support the minority Social Democrat government in parliament, but both allies have said that after the election they will expect cabinet portfolios in a coalition. The Greens have also suggested that should the election result in a deadlock, they might support the Social Democrats in a coalition with the opposition Center or Liberal parties, excluding the Left Party.

However, a new poll suggests that 65 percent of Social Democrat voters want a coalition with the former Communist Left. Just 46 percent want a coalition with the Greens, while 47 percent want both allies in a new government.

There is widespread support among Left and Green Party voters to take cabinet seats in a new government with the Social Democrats. More than nine out of ten among the Left, and eight out of ten Green voters want to be in a coalition.

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