Reinfeldt’s New Government

New centre-right Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt pledged on Friday to carry out promises of tax cuts and a trimming of the welfare state, and to aim for a surplus in public finances.

Among the surprises in the new government, former prime minister Carl Bildt is the new Foreign Minister.

In his government declaration after formally taking office on Thursday, Reinfeldt, who leads a four-party coalition, largely stuck to vows made during campaigning for the September 17 election, which ended 12 years of Social Democrat rule.

”More people who want to and can work will get the chance to support themselves through their own work and by beginning and running companies,” he told parliament. ”The budget surplus goal and spending ceiling will be maintained.”

He said the government would stick to a plan of a tax cut of US$ 5 billion in 2007, followed by a further $1 billion reduction in 2008.

New Ministers

Prime Minister Reinfeldt also presented his new cabinet on Friday. New minsiers include:

  • Foreign Minsiter - Carl Bildt
  • Minister for Education - Lars Lejonborg
  • Finance Minster - Anders Borg
  • Minister for Industry and Trade - Maud Olofsson
  • Minister for Social Affairs - Göran Hägglund
  • Justice Minister - Beatrice Ask
  • Minsiter of Defence - Mikael Odenberg
  • Minister of Culture - Cecilia Stegö-Chiló
  • Minster for Integration and Equality - Nyamko Saboni
  • Minster for the Enviornment - Andreas Carlgren
  • Minister for Education - Lars Leijonborg
  • Minister for Agriculture - Eskil Erlandsson

Other members of the cabinet include:

  • Cecilia Malmström
  • Tobias Billström
  • Gunilla Carlsson
  • Maria Borelius
  • Maria Larsson
  • Cristina Husmark-Pehrsson
  • Mats Odell
  • Jan Björklund
  • Åsa Torstensson