Och vinnaren i raptävlingen är...

Bidrag nummer 4, av Mitch the Morning Bitch (Tobias). Ett stort grattis!

PS. Vi vet att det är en ny version av Eminems "Stan". D.S

I write to almost every day, but my songs, you never play.
I keep up with all your games quizzes and such nonsense, but never a single response.
U might wonder why I still listen to you, cause on mix, my songs, they even played a few.
I even won a award or two, but still. Here i sit listening to you.

But hey, lets stay real for a while, I dig your style.

Hanna, you look at boys, like they’re your personal toys,
I would make you my wife, but let’s be realistic u aint got a life.
I mean Farmville is that a joke, I getmore life experience when I drink my coke.  

Martina, u have such a sexy voice, 
I be glad to replace your personal toys.
To bad there’s a baby in your belly,
otherwise I would make your legs feel like jelly.

Kodjo, u such a whack , you’re like a Duracell bunny on crack.
You’re imitations are so strong,
but this girl Frida always tries to prove you wrong.
Who is this lame ass producer, she’s nothing but a messed up loser.

And then we have this guy Casper, he’s a freaking internet master.
And he has good looks to, Hanna he’s maybe something for you?

And who is this guy Seabiscuit ? Is he for real?
He thinks he’s all that fooshizzle, man he’s just a wannabe nizzle.
I gotta make him a deal.
Listen to my rhymes and beats, and understand I’ll should have some p3 feats.

But hey, u can’t have all in life, I already got a wife.
But she’s all jealous cause I talk about u 24/7.
But she doesn’t know u like I know u guys,
I just wanna be in the studio to see your beautiful eyes.
I got a job and can listen to u foosho, man im u biggest whoo.
U gotta answer me foole , ill be the biggest bitch u ever loose.
Oh shit, I forgot. I’m not supposed to send this shit out.

Sincerely yours
Mitch, the biggest morning bitch.

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