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Swedes gives the U.S. low marks in a survey on World Peace.
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Radio Sweden Monday

Sweden and the U.S. are united in the fight against AIDS.

But when asked the question: ”Who is the greatest threat to world peace?” Swedes answer: ”The United States.”

And Bill Schiller offers a salute to one of Sweden’s best loved poets. Gustav Fröding spent long, lonely periods behind the bars of a psychiatric hospital but is remembered today for his vision of paradise.

Closing Music: David & The Citizens: ”A Heart & a Hand & the Love for a Band”

Some 6 million people die each year from HIV/AIDS. Prevention. That’s the angle both Sweden and the United States are investing heavily in when it comes to helping stop this killer disease in developing nations. Two senior representatives from Sweden and the U.S. met recently to compare notes:

Reporters: Azariah Kiros and Manuela Persson

The Swede on the street was asked for their opinions on what the greatest threat to world peace is – and as Mark Cummins tells us – their answer was the United States:

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