Monday Weather

After Friday’s storm, nearly two thousand Swedish households were without electricity during the weekend. Most of the outages were around Kalmar on the southeast coast and in the provinces of Västerrbotten and Jämtland in the north.

There were several traffic accidents in western Sweden Sunday morning because of icy roads. Seven cars were involved in one incident east of Gothenburg. Four people were taken to the hospital with light injuries. Three more people were injured in an accident involving a single car in the province of Dalsland.

Turning to the forecast, it’s cloudy in the south, with some showers. It’s sunny in the north, partly cloudy with some snow in the northern mountains.

The temperature at 11:00 AM here in Stockholm was 6 degrees Celsius.

After the switch back to standard time Sunday, the sun rose here in Stockholm today at 7:03 AM, with sunset at 4:01 PM.

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