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The Mobile Phone Celebrates 50 Years
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Radio Sweden Tuesday

Happy Birthday to one 50-year-old! There’s no mid-life crisis in sight for the mobile phone.

Metres of snow, minus degrees, gale force winds, Streettalk asks how are the Swedes coping with the onset of winter.

Pensioners have never had it so good, but there’s bad news on the horizon.

Closing music: Jens Lekman ”The opposite of Hallelujah”

Sweden is a proud parent this year, as the world’s first fully automated mobile telephone system turns 50. Gaby Katz reports on MTA, NMT and beyond:

According to a new study pensioners have been the biggest winners in the Swedish welfare state over the past 25 years. But that may not be the case in the future, as Mark Cummins reports:

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