Anna Lindh’s Killer Pleads Guilty to Assault

The man convicted of murdering Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh has pleaded guilty to assaulting a fellow patient at a psychiatric clinic in 2005.

Mijailo Mijailovic, who is serving a life sentence for the 2003 stabbing of Lindh at a Stockholm department store which led to her death, refused to answer questions during the trial for the assault at the clinic. But via his lawyer, he agreed to pay 65,000 kronor or some $9,000 US dollars in damages to his victim.

Prosecutors said Mijailovic, who was being treated for mental problems at the time, attacked a fellow patient several times with a metal bar in September 2005, fracturing the man’s head and arms, and forcing doctors to amputate one of his fingertips.

The trial was held in the northern city of Sundsvall. A verdict is expected on the 10th of November.

Mijailovic, 27, had been temporarily moved from prison to the psychiatric clinic to receive treatment for his mental instability. According to the defence, Mijailovic committed the assault because he feared for his safety at the clinic and wanted to be moved back to prison. He has since been sent back to Kumla prison in central Sweden.

Mijailovic has continually claimed that he fears for his safety in Sweden and legally renouncing his Swedish citizenship after his conviction, has appealed to the authorities here to allow him to serve his life sentence in Serbia.