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Nordic Council meeting in Copenhagen
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Radio Sweden Wednesday

Bill Schiller will be reporting from the Nordic Council meeting in Copenhagen, where leaders from across the region are gathered.

Winter has hit Sweden with a vengeance, stopping trains and leaving nearly 50 thousand homes without power.

Also in today’s program, SPORTSCAN with Dave Russell. Today, Dave takes a look at balls, boule and pucks.

Closing music: ”Bigtime” - Soundtrack of our Lives

The Nordic Council is meeting in Copenhagen, with prime ministers and other politicians from across the region discussing the Nordic competitive model and the balance between regulation and market forces. Bill Schiller joins us live with the outgoing head of the Nordic Minister Council, Per Unckel:

Winter has hit Sweden with a vengeance…power lines are down and trains were forced to hit the brakes. Juan Navas has more:

Time now for our monthly edition of SportScan with Dave Russell:


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