Radio Sweden Monday

Recess is over!  Detention, suspension and a mark for truancy on your report card.  The new centre-right government wants some controversial changes in Sweden’s schools.

And more post election news: the xenophobic Sweden Democrats can now tip the balance of power in 40 municipalities around the country.

And politics mixes with art.  Flowery meadows juxtaposed to violent battlefields.  The world goes up in flames in today’s Spectrum.

Closing Music: Martin Stenmarck, 7MILAKLIV

Sweden’s new government, as well as the new council in Stockholm, stand behind controversial ideas on how to improve education. Radio Sweden’s Juan Navas reports:

The right wing xenophobic Sweden Democrat Party has managed to gain the deciding vote between the traditional left and right party blocs in municipalities around the country. Mark Cummins has the story:

Flowery meadows and bloody battlefields are displayed side by side as Chinese-American artist Paul Chan mixes politics with art. Radio Sweden’s Bill Schiller caught up with the artist and his Swedish curator at a rennovated harbor warehouse, now a well-known Stockholm gallery: