Special Programs

In early November 350 Swedish soldiers were being sent to northern Afghanistan, to replace the force serving there with the International Security Assistance Force. George Wood visited the unit as they held a military exercise in preparation for their mission.

George Wood traces the adventures of the Swede who spent four decades crisscrossing Central Asia and discovering lost cities on the ancient Silk Road.

In a special five part series Dave Russell examines Sweden’s education system from the early nursery days to higher learning at University

Over the next 5 months, Gaby Katz will be introducing you to the authors shaping Literary Sweden.

From the first stone and log houses to the modern luxury of the new  eco-friendly water-side residential areas. 

A Radio Sweden series which introduces some of Sweden’s most eminent figures through time.

On 29 July 1905 a child was born in the Swedish town of Jönköping who would later occupy a special chapter in the history of his country and would also leave an indelible mark on the history of the United Nations.