New carry-on rules

Near Death after Carry-On Confiscation

A Swedish air traveller collapsed and was reportedly close to death, because her allergy medicine was confiscated under the EU’s new rules on carry-on luggage.

As the pilot was preparing to make an emergency landing, the medicine was found in an unmarked box in the cockpit and the woman’s life was saved.

Lidia Holmgren was flying home to Sweden from Paris. She suffers from serious allergies, asthma, and cardiac arrhythmia, and is dependent on having quick access her medication. She says when the airline personnel took away her medicine during check-in, they refused to speak to her in any language other than French, which she does not understand.

Lidia Holmgren says the new regulations are being interpreted differently in different countries, and she warns travellers to carry letters from doctors if they need to take medicines with them on flights.

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