Gaza funeral procession

Archbishop Calls for Middle East Action

The Archbishop of the Lutheran Church of Sweden, Anders Wejryd, has written to Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, calling for Sweden to put pressure on the United Nations Security Council to do something about the situation in the Middle East.

Archbishop Wejryd is concerned that neither the UN nor the European Union has done anything to stop civilian casualties caused by Israeli attacks in Gaza. In his letter he mentions the deaths of 20 civilians who died in northern Gaza on Wednesday. The archbishop says the two sides have stopped talking to each other, and the presence of the international community is necessary to restart the dialog.

In an interview with Swedish Radio News Saturday, Carl Bildt said he agrees with the archbishop that forceful measures are needed to stop the violence in the Middle East. Bildt says he wishes there was a quick and easy solution, but even though there isn’t one, the Swedish Foreign Minister says he thinks there are possibilities for peace.

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