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Christer Fuglesang, trained in Russia for the European Space Agency before switching to the American Space program
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Showman: Fuglesand delights Scandinavian audiences with a greeting in Swedish, Norwegian - and French!
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Emerging from the airlock, Fuglesang sets off to work on changing the ISS power system.

Bio: Christer Fuglesang



  • Born in Stockholm 1957.
  • Married with three children.
  • Lives in Houston, Texas, USA.
  • Enjoys skiing, soccer and sailing.
  • Graduated in 1987 in experimental particle physics at Stockholm University where he became lecturer in 1991.
  • Accepted into astronaut training in 1992 by the European Space Agency.
  • Trained in Russia in preparation for a mission to the (now defunct) space station MIR in 1993-96. Served as back-up crew for the 1995 Euro-Mir mission and played an important roll at mission control during the 6 month-long as crew interface coordinator.
  • Relocated in 1996 to NASA in Houston and became the first person to train in both the Russian cosmonaut and American astronaut programs.
  • Completed his training in 1998 as a space shuttle mission specialist.

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