Interference on 6065 kHz & 11550

Radio Sweden’s broadcasts on our European channel of 6065 kHz and our broadcasts on 11550 kHz are suffering interference from broadcasters in Taiwan and Iran.


Radio Sweden is currently negotiating a solution to the interference problem on 11550kHz. As an interim solution until the 25th of March 2007, Radio Sweden is broadcasting daily at 1430 UTC on 12070kHz. If you can receive Radio Sweden’s broadcasts on this frequency - we’d like to know! Send your reception report to:


In violation of international custom, Radio Tehran has begun using the frequency we have used to more than 60 years. The interference occurs during the evening, and primarily affects listeners in southern Europe, but parts of central Europe are also affected at time.

Since the lower shortwave bands are currently very crowded there are no free frequencies where can broadcast our English programs in parallel with 6065 kHz. Instead, listeners should try our medium wave channel of 1179 kHz, where we broadcast in English at 18:0 and 22:30 hrs daily and at 20:00 hrs UTC daily except Sundays.