Radio Sweden Thursday

In this edition, we look at why an EU tax ruling means there’s probably no end in sight for the Swedish ”booze-cruise”.The way journalists cover conflicts comes under the spotlight in Stockholm....why is the voice of women absent? And can media coverage even affect the development of the conflict itself?And in our focus on Sweden’s neighbours, Nordic Lights discusses the upcoming EU summit in Finland, an artistic portrayal of history, seen from the Swedish-speaking Åland islands, and a new tourism and food campaign for the region.

Closing music: Roxette, ”Wish”

Sweden’s tough line on alcohol has won approval from the EU Court after a new ruling today declared that booze bought over the Internet from another European country should be liable to the recipient country’s alcohol taxes. As Mark Cummins reports, while drinkers may not be celebrating, governments, alcohol retailers and ferry companies will raise a glass or two to the European Court of Justice:

When journalists report on conflicts, why is the voice of women often absent? And does the way journalists report about conflicts actually affect the development of the conflict itself? Azariah Kiros attended a seminar on the issue and filed this report:

In this edition of Nordic Lights, Bill Schiller looks at the coming European Union summit in Finland, a new campaign to boost interest in Nordic food and tourism, and an artistic portrayal of history – seen from the Swedish-speaking Åland islands in the middle of the Baltic Sea: