Radio Sweden Wednesday

A helping hand or too much pressure? The government’s plans to tackle problems in the school system include earlier standardized testing.Ecotourism: it’s all about not exploiting local workers.And increased PR, more money, more members and more attacks on the church. Members of the Swedish Humanist Association are not shy about stating their current goals.

Closing music: The Ark - ”Deliver Us From Free Will”

A new government proposal to implement earlier standardized testing is being met with both cheers and jeers. Radio Sweden’s Mark Cummins has more:

In the long, cold winter months, when many Swedes yearn for far-away holidays in the sun, Swedish labor activists are launching a new program to encourage ’ecotourism’. Radio Sweden’s Bill Schiller has the story:

The Swedish Humanist Association was upfront about what they wanted from their international conference this month: more PR, more money, more members and heightened attacks on the church. But in a secular state like Sweden, exactly how important is the humanist movement? Our reporter Tom McAlinden went to their conference to find out: