Inside Sweden

International AIDS day is marked around the world. Updates on the situation in Sweden - and we talk to the country’s AIDS Ambassador about the anti-AIDS efforts overseas.

Swedish politicians and the media tried to freeze out the country’s right-wing nationalist party in the run up to September’s elections. But that strategy failed - Now they have the balance of power in 12 local governments. Today we focus on the Sweden Democrats.

Also, what is it with Swedes and their boats? In today’s edition of our Discover Sweden series we investigate Swedes’ love of life on the water!

Closing music: ”Golden Lonely”, Moneybrother 

World Aids Day

The focus on the fight against HIV/AIDS has over the past decade has concentrated on the worsening situation in Africa, Asia and the former Soviet Union. But what is the situation today in Sweden?

The far-right flexes its muscle

Far-right, or extreme nationalistic parties are on the march across Europe. Even here in the ”liberal heart” of Scandinavia, Sweden has its very own home-grown political party that says it wants to keep Sweden ”Swedish”. But what does that mean?

Discover Sweden: Boat Happy

In today’s edition of our Discover Sweden series we investigate Swedes love of life on the water!

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