Monday Weather

With southern Sweden enjoying the warmest early December in more than 50 years, a farmer there says she is bringing in the country’s latest ever potato harvest. Lotta Mellberg says she ought to have around 800 kilograms of potatoes from those she planted in August. Newspapers have been writing that for the first time there will be fresh potatoes for Christmas, for those who can afford the premium prices for such a rarity.

Meteorologists say so far in December the average daily temperature in Stockholm is the highest since 1953, while in Gothenburg temperatures are the highest since records began in 1859. But as rain falls instead of the usual snow, they are also warning of possible flooding in some areas in southwestern Sweden.

Showers continue in that part of the country, with some snow in the north, while in other areas it’s partly cloudy or cloudy.

The temperature at 10:00 AM here in Stockholm was 7 degrees Celsius.

The sun rose here in Stockholm at 8:25 AM, with sunset at 2:53 PM.