Radio Sweden Tuesday

Greenscan takes a look at the recent Nairobi global climate mega-conference and the climate debate in general from the Swedish perspective.Fidel Castro’s 80 birthday celebrations provoke debate in Sweden.And we’ve news of a compensation and residency demand from a man sent from Sweden to Egypt where he claims he was tortured.

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Sweden has been strongly criticised for sending two Egyptians back to Cairo, where they say they were tortured. Now one of the two is making demands for compensation. Juan Navas has more:

As Fidel Castro’s 80th birthday was marked by his absence, many are asking if Fidel is already gone from the scene and what will happen next? Radio Sweden’s Bill Schiller’s meets a Swedish journalist and author of a new book on Cuba:

In our monthly environmental magazine GreenScan, Azariah Kiros takes a look at the recent UN conference on climate change in Nairobi: