Radio Sweden Wednesday

Sweden records it’s highest ever auction price for a painted purported to be and undiscovered work by one of the greats.Immigration may not have been a hot topic in the recent elections, but things are starting to change.And in our final SPORTSCAN of the year, Dave Russell takes a fond walk down memory lane

Closing music: ”The Big Yule Blues” - Alice Babs

It’s allegedly a previously unknown work by a Flemish master and it sold this week for more than one thousand times the asking price, setting a Swedish record. Radio Sweden’s Mark Cummins has more:

Immigration wasn’t much of an issue in the recent elections here, but six month’s after a temporary asylum law came to an end, there are fresh calls for more undocumented immigrants to be given residency permits. Our reporter Tom McAlinden has more:

Time now for a nostalgic trip down memory lane as Dave Russell takes us through a review of SpostScan 2006: