Radio Sweden Thursday

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is positive toward the Baker report, and says that increased diplomacy in the Middle East will help stabilize the region.Our reporter Dave Russell meets up with the winners of this year Right Livelihood award.And later on in the program Sweet Toothed Swedes: Street Talk gets a taste of the country’s candy culture.

Closing Music: Anni-Frid Lyngstad ”Du är så underbart rar”

Sweden’s Foreign Minister is welcoming the US’ Baker report which harshly criticises America’s policy on the Middle East. Carl Bildt is particularly pleased with its proposals for increased diplomatic efforts when it comes to Israel and Palestine. Judi Milar has more.

With the Nobel Prizes awards ceremony taking place in Stockholm this Sunday,  there’s another group of worthy winners in Stockholm this week to pick up an award sometimes called the alternative Nobel prize. Radio Sweden’s Dave Russell met up with the winners of this year’s Right Livelihood awards:

Sweet Toothed Swedes: ”Street Talk” gets a taste of the country’s candy culture. Serena Möller hosts.