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Radio Sweden Saturday Studio 49


The Organisation Kvinna till Kvinna, literally Swedish for Woman to Woman, works to promote the empowerment of women. It was set up at the height of the Balkan war in the 1990s to help women victims of the conflicts in the old Yugoslavia. Its work was considered so important that it won the second most prestigious Swedish prize, the Right Livelihood Award, also known as the alternative Nobel Prize, in 2004. We find out more about Kvinna till Kvinna in a discussion with Åsa Carlman, the organisation’s communications head.


Some 20 percent of Sweden’s population of nine million is made up of people who either were born outside the country or are children to parents born outside the country. But the country’s culural output does not reflect Sweden’s cultural diversity. And as a measure to correct that imbalance, 2006 was declared the Year of Cultural Diversity. But what difference has that made? The national co-ordinator of the project, Yvonne Rock is guest in Studio 49 to explain.


      1. När det lider mot Jul, Täby kyrkans kammarkör

      2. Jul, Jul, strålande Jul, Tommy Körberg och Oslo

          Gospel Choir

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