New Year Welcomed by Major Storm

The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute -SMHI - issued its highest level weather warning for the country’s southern tip on Monday.

The provinces of Halland, Skåne and Blekinge were hit the hardest.

On the small island of Hanö, just off the southern coast, winds had reached 33 seconds per meter.

Swedish power companies reported that storms had caused power outages for some 30,000 households throughout the south of the country.

Though power has been restored to most households, many are still with out electricity.

Power companies have brought in extra staff to help bring back power as soon as possible, and according to them electricity should be restored by the latest Tuesday night.

The storm also caused many trees to fall throughout southern Sweden, and one minor accident was reported when a car hit a tree that had fallen onto a major road in Småland.

No major damage was reported in the west coast city of Gothenburg or in the southern city of Malmö.

Earlier on Monday authorities had closed the Öresund Bridge linking Denmark and Sweden to car traffic for one hour due to concerns over strong winds, but it was soon reopened.

Airline traffic at Malmö airport, as well as at Denmark’s Copenhagen airport, were unaffected by the high winds.