Wednesday’s Edition

We’ll be looking at the death penalty. Sweden’s chapter of Amnesty International joins in criticism of the new UN secretary general.

Our reporter meets Maria who underwent a sex change in order to complete her life.

And SportScan meets two Swedes who are top of the world, looking down on creation from the highest mountain peak on each continent.

Closing Music: Göran Söllscher KÄRLEKSVALS

The Swedish chapter of Amnesty International has joined other sections of the global human rights organization in voicing strong objections to statements made by the new United Nations Secretary General. Ban Ki-moon has declined to condemn or defend the execution, saying it was for each country to decide its position on the death penalty.

A chance to hear about one individual who went through a dramatic process of change to become the woman he felt he should be. A candid look at sex changes, an operation that has become significantly more popular in the last decade.

Meet two Swedes who became the first people to ever climb up and ski down the highest mountain peak on each continent.