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EU unveils ambitious energy strategy

Europe concerned about Russian energy policies

Archbishop spying scandal shocks Poles

Congolese victims can take their torturers to court -in France

Tourism off the dirt roads of Romania

Sweden celebrates Von Linne

EU Unveils Ambitious Energy Strategy

The European Commission unveiled an ambitious energy package this week, in a bid to combat climate change and reduce Europe’s dependency on foreign energy sources.

The move came just days after Russia turned off the taps on a key pipeline, running through Belarus to the Czech republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Moscow finally resumed oil supplies to Europe on Wednesday, but this new standoff with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, highlights once more the urgent need for Europe to diversify its energy resources.

Europe concerned about Russia’s energy policies

Along with Jose Manuel Barroso, German Chancellor Angela Merkel also says Vladmir Putin should have consulted the EU, before turning off the taps to Belarus. She also went further, accusing Russia of betraying Germany’s trust.

Now Germany and Russia have signed bilateral energy deals, so dealing with Moscow, as both German chancellor, and rotating president of the EU, is a bit like walking a tight rope for Merkel.

Archbishop spying scandal shocks Poles

The newly appointed Archbishop of Warsaw, Stanisvaf Viergous, resigned two days after he admitted that he had collaborated with the communist secret services. The resignation was no doubt one of the most important events in the history of the Polish Church.

Congolese victims can take their torturers to court -in France

This week the French Supreme Court overturned a stay on the case of the ”disappeared of the Beach”.

In 1999, 350 refugees returning home to Brazzaville, in the Republic of Congo, were taken away by public authorities and ”disappeared”.

Families of the victims, along with two survivors, started proceedings in French courts against some of the Congolese officials involved. The French Supreme Court’s decision to allow the investigation to continue ,affirms the concept of Universal jurisdiction. This means that for crimes involving torture, individuals can file a case in a foreign country for crimes committed abroad.

Tourism off the dirt roads of Romania

These days you have to be prepared to put your car through its paces on Romania’s countryside dirt roads, if you are looking for the proverbial, untainted Romanian hospitality.

But Network Europe finds them.....somewhere in the Carpathian mountains.

Sweden celebrates Von Linne

2007 marks a very special anniversary here in Sweden, the three hundredth anniversary of the birth of natural scientist Carl Von Linne.

It is an event that the country will be celebrating on many levels, both here and abroad.

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