Radio Sweden Thursday

Veteran politician Mona Sahlin is formally asked to become the new leader of Sweden’s Social Democrats Party, and she’s accepted.

Police in Stockholm are revamping their street cred to try to connect with the next generation.

And what is going on with the weather? Climate Change is the topic of this month’s Street Talk.

Closing Music: Emilia, ”Var Minut”

The election committee of Sweden’s Social Democrat Party has confirmed that the veteran politician Mona Sahlin is their only candidate to take over the leadership of the party. At a press conference on Thursday afternoon, she admitted she wants the job and is available if the party congress chooses her in March. Mark Cummins has more:

Swedish police officers are taking the future seriously. In an attempt to influence the next generation, while helping this one, they’re re-vamping their neighbourhood image. Gaby Katz went to find out more:

In this month’s Street Talk Serena Möller looks at Climate Change: