Radio Sweden Wednesday

The government presents changes to its proposals to allow the military to spy on phone calls and emails of its own citizens.

Dangerous dogs are getting a bad press in Sweden, we look at how much of a threat man’s best friend is here.

This month’s EuropeFile focuses on plans to revive the EU contstitution, the growing number of far-right MEPs and why German plans to ban the Swastika are upsetting Hindus.

Closing Music: Salem Al Fakir, ”Dream Girl”

The Swedish government has modified the controversial proposal to allow spying on e-mail and phone calls. Mark Cummins has the story:

When a Swedish woman was attacked by her Pit Bull last week, the tabloids took puppy love to the doghouse. Are we flirting with wolves or is Man’s best friend getting a bad rap? Reporter Gaby Katz investigates:

In this month’s EuropeFile. Azariah Kiros examines the strengthening of the ultra-right grouping in the European Parliament, plans to resuscitate the deadlocked EU constitution and Hindus in uproar over German plans to ban the swastika: