Radio Sweden Thursday

The predator that’s destroying Sweden’s forests

Homeward bound, Sweden’s first man into space, Christer Fuglesang, touches down in Stockholm to a hero’s reception.

Also in Nordic Lights, Bill Schiller reports on joint Danish-Swedish efforts marking the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz and a Nordic song and musical festival here in Stockholm.

Closing Music: Made in Sweden, ”I don’t care”

A Swede who conquered America returned home to a hero’s reception at Arlanda Airport this morning. We’re talking about Christer Fuglesang, Sweden’s first astronaut. He might wish he’s back up there, because he’s certainly going to be extremely busy with official engagement’s over the coming days:

In 2005 storm Gudrun flattened millions of cubic metres of forest in southern Sweden, resulting in a large outbreak of the European Spruce bark beetle, hungrily chewing up the valuable pulp. Now once again it’s a race against time to clear 10 to 12 million cubic metres of forest damaged by the recent storm Per. Bo Långström is a Professor in Forest Protection at Sweden’s Agricultural university, and told Dave Russell about the crisis:

It’s time for Nordic Lights, presented by Bill Schiller: