Radio Sweden Saturday Studio 49 with Azariah Kiros


Abir Alsahlani’s family was forced to move from one country to another for decades because of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorial regime. She finally ended up in Sweden as a teenager together with her family. And now she spends a lot of time in Iraq trying to preach the democratic word. Meet her in Studio 49.  


Carl Söderbergh has been working with the protection of human rights for the lion’s share of his life. And he has been leading the Swedish branch of Amnesty International since 1999. Now eight years later, he is leaving the organisation. He discusses his work at Amnesty and his earlier ínvolvement in the struggle for human rights in, among other countries, the United States and South Africa, in Studio 49.  

Music: 1. Tiderna är hårda - Mikael Wiehe

         2.  Vem tänder stjärnorna? - Eva Dahlgren