8 Year Old Boy Murdered

An eight year old boy was stabbed to death by a stranger in an apparently unprovoked attack on Thursday, in the small southern town of Norrahammar.

The suspect, who was arrested at home by police acting on eye witness accounts, had been receiving psychiatric care for a couple of years and was released two months ago.The regional health board supervisor said she would look into the condition’s surrounding the release of the man, who was sectioned after setting fire to his mother’s home . In November, experts decided that the 27 year old, who suffers from schizophrenia, didn’t pose any danger to society as long as he took his medicine.

Today flowers , teddy bears and candles were left in the snow at the scene where the eight year old boy was killed, close to his school. Teachers there were on hand to talk to and support the victims’ young classmates.

Back in 2004 in the nearby town of Jönköping, an eight year old boy and 56 year old woman were stabbed to death by an unnamed attacker. The killer has never been found.