Tsunami tapes cast doubts over official’s claims

The controversy over the way Sweden’s previous government dealt with the Asian Tsunami disaster is making the headlines again, with reports that back-up computer logs which disappeared and were then found again, do not corroborate a senior official’s version of events.

Lars Danielsson resigned after being heavily criticised by the commission which looked into the government’s response to the disaster, which killed more than 500 Swedes.

The Secretary of State, who was described as former Prime Minister Göran Persson’s right hand man, claimed he had made calls to colleagues in the Foreign Ministry and had been checking his emails the day the tragedy unfolded.

But according to the newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet, the tapes, which were found in a government cellar last October, did not record him logging on to his computer and sending mails when he said he did.

Lars Danielsson has told Swedish Radio News the claims are nothing new and have only come from anonymous sources so he will not comment any further on them.