Radio Sweden Wednesday

Fake documents could have helped 26,000 people fraudulently get passports at the Iraqi embassy in Stockholm.

The final preparations are being made for the World Alpine Ski Championships which get underway in Sweden this week.

And we have the second and concluding part of our special feature ”Désirée - Queen of Sweden”

Closing Music: The Knife, ”Marble House”

It’s been reported that the Iraqi embassy in Stockholm has issued tens of thousands of false passports to asylum seekers from a number of countries. Mark Cummins has more details:

The World Alpine Ski Championships in Åre are the biggest winter sporting event to be ever staged in Sweden. Starting Friday Swedes are set to be glued to their television sets for the next fortnight hoping for medal success from the likes of Anja and the new kid on the block known as ”Bygge”. Dave Russell has more:

The daughter of a wealthy silk merchant, Désirée Bernadotte became Napoleon’s fiancé, and later the wife of the French Marshal Jean Baptiste Bernadotte. Now, in a another turn of events, her husband has been elected Crown Prince of Sweden. Radio Sweden’s Juan Navas presents the second and final part of ”Désirée - Queen of Sweden”: