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Iraqi ambassador Ahmed Bamerni
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Radio Sweden Thursday

Sweden’s Iraqi ambassador denies fraudulent passport accusations.

The EU and United nations are both warning about climate change. And in Sweden, the government is being criticized for not doing enough. 

We’re live at the 30th International Film Festival in Gothenburg.

And do Jews really love money, Roma trailers and Samis their reindeer meat? We get to the truth behind some racial stereotypes here in Sweden.

Closing Music: The Concretes ”Oh No”

We reported yesterday that the Iraqi embassy in Stockholm had issued tens of thousands of false passports to asylum seekers from a number of countries. Last night the Iraqi ambassador was called to the Swedish Foreign Ministry where he denied any wrongdoing. Mark Cummins has the story:

The EU and United Nations are both warning about climate change. Here in Sweden, the government is being criticized for not doing enough. Radio Sweden’s George Wood has more:

Some 250 feature films, 150 short films, a myriad of documentaries, we can be talking about only one event, the Gothenburg Film Festival. To find out what’s in store in its 30th anniversary year, let’s go live to Gothenburg and join our culture editor Bill Schiller:

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