Moscow an "increasing threat" says Swedish Army

It is reported that Swedish defence chiefs want to increase military resources inside the country after changing their assessment of the potential threat posed by Russia.

In recent years the military’s focus has been on international missions but according to the newspaper Dagens Nyheter, strategic analysts are going to look at what resources would be required at home if tensions were to increase.

The Armed Forces insist there is no sign that the risk of an attack has risen dramtically, but say factors like Russia’s new economic strength and European energy issues must be taken into consideration.

Meanwhile, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt says he is worried about recent developments in Russia and that the political system and the media-climate there have both become less free.

He says ”dark shadows” have been cast by human rights violations in Chechnya, and the murders of journalist Anna Politkovskaja and the former spy Alexander Litvinenko.

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