Film industry lobbyists train Police on internet piracy

It is reported that Swedish police officers are being advised by a Hollywood lobby group how to catch people illegally downloading from the internet.

The newspaper, Computer Sweden, says that representatives from the Motion Picture Association and the FBI have been invited in to give lectures at Sweden’s National Police Academy.

The police do not see any conflict of interest in welcoming the lobby organisation but Sweden’s Pirate Party, which campaigns for copyrighted material to be free for everyone, says the MPA should not be able to get involved in this country’s justice system, ”just to protect their old, lucrative monopoly”.

Internet Piracy was a hot topic in Sweden last year, after Swedish Police closed down one of the world’s biggest bit torrent sites, The Pirate Bay.

It was alleged Washington had threatened to go to the World Trade Organisation to get sanctions imposed on Sweden if the site was not stopped. It was back up and running three days later.

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