Radio Sweden Tuesday

More History and More Swedish , Two Top demands from Sweden’s Schools minister

We’ve plenty of both as Juan Navas continues his series ”Queen of Sweden. ” Today it’s the turn of Louisa Ulrika, a Prussian Princess with a passion for the arts, culture and power

Swedes indulge their passion for Semlor buns today, otherwise known as Fat Tuesday.

Closing Music: Hell on Wheels. ” The Soda”

The Schools Minister says he wants to see more Swedish, history and religion in the curriculum. As Bill Schiller reports, the proposal is raising eyebrows:

It’s Shrove Tuesday and Swedes are delighting in the traditional ”Shrove Tuesday Bun”. As we hear from Bill Schiller, this is a very special whipped-cream bun that was to be served only today – a desert packed with enough calories to kill a king: 

Here’s the latest episode in our series on the queens of Sweden, hosted by Juan Navas:

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